On-Field Activations

Inflatable On Field Activations

Marketing is an extremely large industry, and it doesn’t get any bigger or more competitive than sports marketing, which is why many sporting bodies are looking for new and unique fan engagement techniques. At Giant Inflatables, we have been working extra hard to tackle the stagnant nature of sports marketing going into 2017. No longer can you just rely on having the biggest and brightest inflatable, to create a lasting and effective activation. We believe the best way to create efficient and successful brand activation, is to be creative and original, bringing more than just advertising to the table. Fan engagements need to be ENGAGING, and nothing is more memorable and engaging than an on-field activity.

On field activities are activations that are generally run at break times during a sporting game. These breaks are great opportunities to grab everyone’s attention and do something memorable. Our most recent on field activation, which was done in conjunction with Hawthorn FC at the MCG, had 2 people at a time rolling across the field in 3m inflatable tubes. The first team to get to the end and back won a prize decided on by sponsors and the club.
Those watching and certainly those who got a chance to participate in the activation will now have great memories closely tied to Hawthorn FC. I would say that is the perfect outcome for any activation!

As usual, you can rest assured that any unit produced by Giant Inflatables is built and tested to Australian safety regulations, and are sent with a 6 month warranty so you can run your activations with minimal risk, and stress!

For more information about Giant Inflatables on-field activities and other brand activations, visit www.giantinflatables.com.au.


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