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Our Amazing Supplier Profiles: Profile 1

Giant International has long been known for its commitment to client service and satisfaction.
We have a long-held belief that our suppliers play a large role in this team commitment. Only with their incredible service and support, are we able to pass on to you, our valued clients, the offers and services we provide.
Bainbridge International is one such supplier. We take great pleasure in profiling them on our blog:

Bainbridge world wide have been in business for over 91 years they now supply over 2600 products world wide to over 80 different countries. Primarily they have supplied sailcloth and marine & recreational fabrics & hardware. In more recent years they have diversified into other markets like inflatable advertising, flag & banner, and medical markets with specialty fabrics & hardware.

Our company has a philosophy of providing the best service we can to our customers. We continually listen to our customers and constantly try to source new or better products to b…