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Inflatable Arches and inflatable Gantries make inflatable events Memorable and visible

Giant Inflatables offers you and your clients "Peace of Mind" at your high                    profile events
Giant inflatables Inflatable arches are the most chosen Australian designed inflatable system on the market today. That’s because they are highly engineered to be extremely stable and reliable. Our unique simple “template setup system”  allows inexperienced operators to safely setup and run your inflatable event.

The Giant Inflatable Team's has as simple offer....
 "Peace of Mind" for our clients
We do all the worrying for you, while you take care of your clients and participants

We really understand what you need        – Firstly, that you need to be able to communicate effectively with us and in turn we need to have a clear communication with you.        -  Free experience based  advise    -  you  need the Giant Inflatables team to be on hand when we are    needed, not across the seas.    - you need have certainty  that whatever we produce will look fantast…

Inflatable Misting Tunnels - Cool Off This Summer

At Giant Inflatables, we've seen seasons come and go, and in an industry influenced by seasonal sporting events and activities one summer product stands above the rest; The Inflatable Misting Tunnel.

Inflatable Misting Tunnels and Arches are the perfect inflatable solution to the summer heat. Nothing is more relieving than walking through a mist of cool water, thanks to your sponsors. Misting Tunnels are the most effective way to engage with a fan-base in a meaningful way.

20 years of industry experience has developed into a knowledge of branding and fan interaction. Misting Tunnels themselves, give back to the present crowd, with people flocking to the cool air and engaging with the sponsor.
It isn't every day that a brand activation can attract a crowd without excessive effort from the sponsor. With a misting tunnel providing a cool refuge, the crowd will come to you!

Every Inflatable Misting Tunnel that leaves the Giant Inflatables warehouse comes with a Certificate of Prod…

SuperDome - Giant Inflatable Shelter For Events

At an event or trade show, it is important to stand out in the crowd. Nothing is more impressive than a Giant Inflatables Super Dome.
The Super Dome's high arc design makes it easy to deploy and operate, whilst still standing impressively above the crowd. 

In principal its a constant air system that inflates a multi leg dome frame. Giant Inflatables can now offer these systems as AOD - Air on demand systems. Why do that? - because they are so very energy efficient. They are an hybrid of a sealed tent - with the utility and safety of a constant air inflatable. Giant inflatables recently delivered on to Hankook Tyres.
Ready Set Go took their Shell Super-dome inflatable eventtent on the road for Shell V power
The Superdome SD15000inflatable tent is rated by engineers and built to Australian stringent standards to deliver a safe portable inflatable building, thats quick and safe to erect and sturdy in heavy weather.
Housing their awesome simulators - [ a Ready Set Go production... again …

AFL 2017 - Giant Inflatables Season in Review.

As official supplier for AFL Victoria, Giant Inflatables has developed a special relationship with the sport, and its organising body. Through years of work and play, Giant Inflatables has developed dozens of sports inflatables for the AFL and its affiliated teams.

Inflatables for the 2017 AFL season:
This season, Giant Inflatables created many units for the AFL and affiliated teams. Many of our inflatables are taken across Australia to help increase and diversify the AFL fan-base.
This year's AFL country inflatables included, Inflatable Stadiums, Mini Goals, Handball Targets, Climb And Slide, and many more.
With our units travelling the country, we also supply inflatables for more local uses. 2017 Premiers, Richmond Tigers, received a Giant Inflatable Club Jersey which was proudly displayed at all their game day events. Giant inflatables also contributed to this years Kick Across the Yarra with inflatables buoys and even a Giant KFC bucket into which players would kick the ball.


Cubic Defense inflatable shelter - Case Study

Cubic Defense is one of Australia's leadng military simulations experts, specialising in full scale battalion warfare using laser equipment. Fitting out an entire battalion, including all vehicles, is no easy task. Using laser equipment and sensors military simulations can be created in real world battle field conditions. Fitting all this equipment is very time consuming and much of the equipment is highly sensitive and cannot get wet, hence the need to be done in doors. Finding the space to kit an entire battalion while out on the field was a problem Cubic Defence needed a solution for to ensure their operation went as smooth as possible. 

Military Air Frame Inflatable Shelter
Giant Inflatables Industrial's genius team went right to work on creating a huge Air Frame portable shelter that cubic defence could use to fit their batalions in. Our solution included some remarkable features that made their operation not only smooth but comfortable as well. Made using an Air Frame co…

Siemens Inflatable Blasting Shelter - Case Study

Siemens is a global powerhouse, with focus areas on electrification, automation and digitization. The company is one of the world’s largest providers of energy- and resource-efficient technologies. Operating large power generation sights that include mammoth machinery means when things get dirt you need a mammoth space to blast them clean.
Blasting machinery in the open raises a few key issues, the four most common being: Air quality, noise, water quality and waste management. In the past, most blasting businesses conducted their work in the open with little to no containment, resulting in air quality around the blasting area being greatly degraded by the emissions of particle matter from the blasting. Noise from soda blasting machines and local water contamination are both issues that have been raised by many concerned residence around blasting areas.

Giant Inflatables Industrial with their extensive background in blasting shelters and enclosed inflatable spaces was The Man for the job…

Point of Sale Inflatables -Influencing Buyer Choice


What are Inflate and Seal products ? Why are they so popular? What sizes are made? What run quantity is do-able? What shapes can be produced?
Inflate and Seal Inflatables are PVC inflatables that are inflated through a valve and then plugged to maintain inflation. Its just like blowing up a beach ball !
They are popular because the are cheap to produce, are very simple to use and can be made in large quantities which are very compact for shipping .
Inflate and seal - marketing and sale products, are made in any size from 250mm to 3m high. Giant Inflatables can produce small quantities as well as large runs.
When asked to produce an inflatable shape we need to know what it will be used for and what our clients wish for an outcome. Based on this information, and based on our vast experience in the sales and marketing arena we can design and produce or reproduce almost any shape of product. However we are alw…

Point Of Sale Inflatables - Keeping Sales on Point.

With the rise of point of sale technology throughout the retail industry, it is no surprise that inflatable marketing has worked its way into this industry. Point of Sale Inflatables are light, easy to use and manufacture and definitely memorable, and are the most effective way to draw attention and raise interest in a product.
The first step of any sale is to create an interest in the product that is being sold. Over the years, the means of creating that interest has been explored and accomplished in thousands of different ways, from billboards to business cards to inflatables. At Giant Inflatables, we believe that the best way to create interest in a product is to visually draw the consumer toward that product, and this is where POS inflatables come in. Point of Sale inflatables are scale replicas of the product they advertise, lightweight and easy to handle, they can be hung stacked or placed near the product to draw attention. A potential customer who is walking through the chee…