Ravers,Dancing Stick Men,Skydancers and more inflatable stuff

Eyecatchers and more Eye-catcher Ravers
It’s only been 2 months since the launch of our exciting cost effective range of Dancing Men, [we call them Eye-Catchers ] that never fail to attract attention….. And we are already out of stock and awaiting our next shipment of Eye Catcher fans. These will be here for our Xmas season.
Always having to LOOK at these Ravers is a natural instinct that cannot be overwritten. It’s the need to spot danger and prepare to flee. Those basic human behavioral responses make Ravers, Skydancers, Event men or whatever you wish to call them such appealing products for attention attracting or for adding some excitement to an event.

Feel free to call us, [ 1300 inflate ][ http://www.giantinflatables.com.au/ ] we are always happy to share ideas and explore your concerns with you.


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