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Inflatable replica beverage can.

A Common question we are asked when requested to produce an inflatable replica product is :- ...... "how high it should be made".
In order to answer that we need to know a bit of background to the products’ use.
2 questions are the most informative to us in enabling us to give correct advice.
1] Will it be used indoors or out?
2] Will it be used on the ground or on a rooftop?
In general , inflatable replica products used indoors are seldom higher than 4m but on average are made 3m high.

If they are to be used on a rooftop they need to be big enough not to be lost in the scale of a building and therefore are usually 7m high but can be made to 6m.

Outdoors on the ground – these are usually at events of some kind, either a field day, concert, race meeting or other outdoor event where a brand building excersise is the marketing requirement. The inflatables for this type of event are made 4m- 5m.

This example of the Inflatable Hype can shows a 7m can being very effective (at that size) in…