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What are Adflatables?

Adflatables are widely used as marketing and sales tools for product launches, to increase brand awareness or to add interest at an event.
They are unique in that they are 3 dimensional inflatable products that by their nature are impossible to miss, memorable and are used to promote a brand, product, service or event.

The groups of Adflatables we produce are:-

Point of Sale – POS – posinflatables or plastic inflatable products are inflate and seal inflatables that are usually made in size between 30cm and 200cm high. Miniature inflatables or Point of Sale [ POS ] inflatables are reproduced in large numbers. Our experienced and creative design team offer our clients a custom design and production service that will produce posinflatable products to your unique requirements with exceptionally good turnaround times. We specialise in offering short run and low volume production.

Inflate and seal inflatables, Mini Inflatables, PVC Point of Sale Inflatables, or Advertising Inflatables, are oft…

FINA World championships - Melbourne 2007

Giant Inflatables was honored to be chosen as the supplier of inflatable product for this prestigious event. The inflatable back screens which floated on the water at the water polo pool were a real challenge, with 20m of digitally printed signage trying to blow away in the wind.Luke Osland quipped (when we had sorted the problem out) “that’s why we use local suppliers”. It didn’t end there – for the event organizers had forgotten that the screen was higher than the winners’ podium and the cameras just couldn’t see though the huge inflatable wedge. So again another midnight service call took place to insert 6 deflation Zips into the unit so it could be deflated rapidly for the winners’ awards and re-inflate for the next round. Giant Inflatables also supplied the set of ‘Marker buoys’ for the open water swimming events for which the ‘branded inflatable arch’ was used as the start and finish line.

Inflatable horse

Spring carnival is just around the corner and “It’s bigger than you think”
This is the slogan that generated this design that was used to launch the
“spring racing carnival” in Melbourne .
The show was ‘opened’ when this Giant Inflatable horse burst out from under a tarpaulin and inflated in 18 seconds.

Inflatable “Stage sets”

The giant inflatables team excels when it comes to working in real time with a design for an inflatable stage set. It can never be totally pre-designed utilizing our state of the art 3D design software. For the inflatable stage set to have “magic” it gets lovingly grown by hand from the basic concept. It’s where science gives way to art.

Giant Inflatable clown

STOLEN – some depraved human lowlife has stolen poor Rumples from a roof in Brisbane.
A handsome reward will be offered for his return. We miss him so!

Inflatable arch

The Rally season is well and truly with us

The internationally-renowned Australian Safari is Australia’s ultimate off-road adventure with competitors, on both four and two wheels, traversing over 5000 kilometres of gruelling outback terrain over nine exciting days. The event starts in Kununurra on August 24 and finishes in Perth on September 1.
Frequently referred to as Australia’s version of ‘Paris to Dakar’ the 2007 Australian Safari for the first time will call Western Australia home.
Giant inflatables is honoured to have been chosen to produce the start/finish line – Inflatable arch for the prestigious event.
For more info about this exciting event please visit the website -

Ravers – Our tallmen Mr Santa

This year has moved away from us at speed……….
Its already time to begin making stock for Christmas.
Wendy has given Santa a makeover for this season.
Slim, trim and looking fit for the long journey from the cold.
She says “ it’s the modern man”

Ravers - Giant Inflatables dancing event men

Whooopeeee- Our client at Mt ISA water won the “Best float of the day”!!!!
These Eye-catching skydancers stole the show at the annual Mt ISA mardigras.
Karen wrote to us saying “Just a quick note to let you know the Ravers were very well received in Friday nights Mardi Gras and we actually won Best Party Float!!”
Thanks Karen for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate the power of dance.

Inflate and Seal –Brut Deodorant replica can

When the going gets tough- the tough sweat
-Made for a new product launch

Inflatable Wall at Federation Square

With the increasing awareness and urgency for becoming energy efficient, the administration at Federation Square took the next step in bringing the heating costs of the atrium under control by commissioning Giant Inflatables to add an additional section to the inflatable wall that we build 3 years ago. The design brief was again to reflect the geometry of the building and to snuggly fit the removable inflatable wall to the existing structure to reduce the cold air draft that winter brings with it. It was a pleasure working with Peter Brace, of Federation Square Management who went out of his way to make sure that everything was ready for our team to perform the inflatable wall installation in a comfortable and hassle-free environment. Thanks.

Colours make Premila happy

Premila is the floor manager at Giant Inflatables. When not “kicking butt” she also loves sewing Ravers – those attention attracting dancing tallmen inflatables. What makes here happiest? – “I just love working with colour” she replies with a compelling smile.

Inflate and seal replica of Big M 600ml bottle

Its so uplifting for our team when the sweat and effort we put in to ensuring our clients get more than they expect is rewarded. The reward from our client at National Foods was even more enriching because they gave us another product to replicate following on the success of the 1.5m high Orange Juice - Inflate and seal - adflatable - and the jumbo inflatables we made of their new Double shot coffee bottle. Our team really appreciates the recognition. Thanks