Inflatable Maintenance and Certification

Certified Maintenance

In 2016 we saw the inflatables market blow up (pun intended) resulting in a brand new and exciting market open to exploration by many large companies and organisations that otherwise wouldn’t have thought of an inflatable solution. As with any market, once the demand increases, we start to see a steady stream of bottom line, and unsafe, products coming from china. If you are John Doe from Average Company inc, a Chinese inflatable might work for you, but what happens when that unit ultimately breaks? Who is going to service a unit you paid bottom dollar for in china?
Furthermore, let’s say you are from a large media company, and you have been tasked to source an inflatable for an upcoming event. Let us also assume that you do not know about the strict health and safety regulations imposed on all interactive inflatable units in Australia, so you order a unit from a non-accredited supplier and receive your brand new unit. Now it is the week before the event and the City of Melbourne is asking you for you certification documents. What will you do?
Giant Inflatables Certification and Maintenance program is your only option when it comes to inflatable maintenance and post production certification.


Giant Inflatables maintenance service will be there for you when your Giant Inflatables unit, or third party inflatable unit, is in need of a bit of TLC.
A standard inflatables maintenance schedule at Giant Inflatables comprises of a full 18 or 32 point check which includes: Surface and seam check, fan check, and safety integrity check Etc. Any issues with the unit are taken down on a job sheet and sent to admin who make contact with you, the client, to give you the rundown and let you know how we plan on fixing or upgrading the unit. Once approval has been acquired, our skilled maintenance staff will move ahead with any repairs necessary to see your unit up and running again.
Additionally, if your unit has done the rounds at outdoor events, as many inflatables do, it may be in need of our full launder service which will see your unit looking as good as new!

Post Production Inflatable Certification:
Being in the inflatables industry for almost 20 years means that Giant Inflatables is one of Australia’s only accredited inflatables suppliers with years of practical experience in the field. Our units are used by some of the biggest names in the sporting and media industry, including cricket Australia, the AFL, Tennis Australia, TLA, Mango, Bastion, and many more. Furthermore you will see our work branded with some international brand names like Caltex, Coca-Cola, Toyota, McDonalds, Evinrude, TAC and Google just to name a few.
With the weight of many Large Scale Organisations, Giant Inflatables has no option but to be THE leader in inflatable safety, innovation and quality, setting the standard for inflatable units worldwide.
If you have a unit that has been manufactured elsewhere and need it to be certified for use public use, Giant Inflatables will do all the necessary upgrades here in Melbourne. Using a 32 Point, Australian certification checklist, we will upgrade your unit to a point where it can interact with the general public without issues.

Giant Inflatables’ units are the safest and highest quality in Australia so when you want to rest assured that your unit will do its job, you can’t go further than Giant Inflatables.

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