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Certifying Air
Giant Inflatables – Certifying air for 2 Decades
Living and working in Victoria, Australia means that Health and Safety regulations are a part of everyday life, from ensuring employees are properly trained, to ensuring the quality and safety of a product, which ensures the safety of the users and operators.
At Giant Inflatables, Health and Safety has been embraced and integrated into the business, forming the motto “Tried, Tested, Trusted” or our TTT product assurance label.

Giant Inflatables has been operating for 19 years as of 2017 and with almost 2 decades of experience, come a keen understanding of the inflatable environment in Australia. As inflatables become more relevant in popular culture, councils and government bodies, especially those in Australia, have taken preemptive steps to ensure operators and users are safe. Giant Inflatables has a long running relationship with the local government and are qualified and trusted as one of the very few fully certified inflatable producers in Victoria.
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Certified Inflatable at Official Event

What does it mean to be ‘Tried Tested and Trusted’?
Over 15 years of industry experience has taught Giant Inflatables many valuable lessons and has led to some breakthrough technologies in safety and quality. The Tried part of the TTT product assurance label refers to almost 2 decades of Giant Inflatables experience, so you know that each inflatable has been refined and perfected over a long period of time.
Giant Inflatables has Produced over 2000 inflatable products, so you can be guaranteed that the units made by Giant Inflatables have been Tested many times before. It’s not only the sheer number of units tested by Giant Inflatables, but the quality assurance tests that each unit if subjected to, that gives meaning to the Tested part of the TTT product assurance label.
Every unit that is produced by Giant Inflatables is produced in accordance with AS 3533.1, a strict set of rules set by the Australian Government. By being in accordance with AS 3533.1, Giant Inflatables have made their name as the most Trusted and reliable Inflatables producer in Australia. Giant Inflatables units are trusted by some of the biggest names in sport, including Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, the AFL, the NRL, the A league, Netball Australia and many more.

What Certification is there to guarantee the safety of each inflatable product?
Every single unit that leaves Giant Inflatables leaves with a ‘Certificate of Product Compliance’ which ensures that our units are manufactured to the strict Australian Standards. In this Certification, information on the materials and recommended ballast weight for specific wind conditions can be found.
With this Inflatable Certification, you can be sure that any unit that leaves Giant Inflatables will be safe  and reliable.

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Why is the Certificate of Produce Compliance so important?
Whether you are a large sporting body or a local school, safety should be of utmost importance, and with a Certificate of Product Compliance, you can rest assured that nothing is going to go wrong. An effective brand activation or outreach program will not succeed unless every aspect of the operation is moving smoothly, there is no time for issues or problems, so a Certification is essential if you want the best of the best in inflatable products.

But what if something does go wrong?
Giant Inflatables’ job doesn’t finish only when the unit has been delivered, the job is never finished. Giant Inflatables is always on call to help with any issues that may arise, whether it’s demonstrating how to set up and pack away a unit, or emergency on site repairs. With a 6 month warranty and after sales service on every product, you know that Giant Inflatables will be there in any time of need.
In addition to emergency repairs and on site demonstrations, Giant Inflatables also offers a certified inflatable maintenance program. This maintenance program allows any unit to undergo routine maintenance checks for as long as needed, so your unit can be safe and reliable for years to come, using the highest quality parts and genuine materials.
On top of all the physical help that is available, Giant Inflatables also has an active Youtube channel that is constantly updated with instructional videos for every product; customers can even request a customized video just for their unique product. Furthermore, the Giant Inflatables website has plenty of information on how to run and maintain inflatables.
Giant Inflatables Maintanance
Employee doing maintenance

Where can I see my Inflatable Options?
Giant Inflatables has dozens of standard and custom units that are ready to order, and are all produced in accordance with AS 3533.1, Australian Standards. If you are not blown away by the selection of units on our website, you should brainstorm in out Pinterest where you will find HUNDREDS of images of every kind of inflatable imaginable.

This is a lot of information, is there someone I can speak to about all of this?
There is always someone willing to speak with you at Giant Inflatables. You can contact us by calling 1300 463 528 or email at info@giantinflatables.com.au.


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