KIISing Lips at Giant Inflatables!

When you do a job well, invariably word-of-mouth leads to more jobs.  When you do it excellently, you can get 3 new jobs like we did on this KIIS job for Australian Radio Network (“ARN”).

When ARN was looking for some custom illuminated inflatable logo KIIS lips with programmable internal illumination, they had no hesitation in contacting Giant Inflatables to do the job.  The best referral is a job well done and that is what we deliver time and time again.

After we produced 2 highly visible inflatable shelters, we were asked to make an inflatable logo that had internal programmable lighting.

It was a fun, but challenging ask.  How to put programmable illumination inside an inflatable, controlled from the outside without disturbing the inflation or deflation.

Well once again our Genius Design Team put it together with our engineering wizards to create the custom illuminated inflatable logo KIIS lips.

The results speak for themselves.

Following this job, we have been asked to make another 3 inflatables for ARN. Nothing impresses more than a job well done.

If you are looking to stand out in a crowd with a highly visible, highly engineered, spectacular Media Platform, call Giant Inflatables 03 9588 2626 or email us on or make an enquiry on our website.

David Abramowitch
Owner/Director Giant Inflatables


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