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Point of Sale (POS) sealed inflatables

Welcome to the wonderful world of POS replicas. POS inflatables are inflatable products most often displayed at the point of sale of a product. These attention grabbing, larger-than-life, replicas are the perfect way to activate a brand.  One of the key ways to activate a brand is to attract consumer interest and attention at the Point of Sale to stimulate the purchase of the product.

 Add an activity to get consumer engagement and you kill two birds with one stone.  Firstly your consumer notices your product and secondly by actively creating a POS with a taste test or throwing competition to win a  product by throwing at the POS inflatable target you add the dimension of engagement - one of the most powerful tools to communicate a brand with a potential consumer.

 POS and Brand Activation

The standard or usual POS tools have been posters, banners and display stands at the end of aisles.  However there is a bigger trend hitting the shelves in the shape of POS Inflatables. Giant inflatables can replicate almost any shape of product.

In practice however it’s all about brand recognition and recall at the point of sale. The products we produce are all made to depict your branding in an effective and true to  mark manner.

Make your ideas for creating brand recognition or highlighting your product in a crowded retail environment come to life.

The Genius Design Team at Giant Inflatables starts its journey with its Clients by exploring the outcomes its Clients want to achieve before putting pen to paper. Invariably  the outcomes are Brand Recognition. 

 Inflate and Seal

Some of our creations can be seen pictorially.  They all are manufactured with the inflate and seal mechanism allowing us the flexibility to make the inflatable exactly replicate the product.

Working with the Brand Marketing teams at  various brand and marketing agencies, Giant Inflatables has created 1000's of  perfect replicas which we ship world wide using Giant Inflatables comprehensive design, manufacture, test, certify and deliver services.

 Accredited Certification

Giant Inflatables’ products are all ICTI/FCCA/C-TPAT accredited that ensure we are the premier supplier to quality focused corporations.  Our designers have the patience and experience based knowledge to understand the needs of our Clients. Our services begin with ideas and end with delivery, literally and figuratively.

If you are looking for brand activation or brand recognition, Giant Inflatables can give you that and more. We can give you Brand Inflation and service from start to finish.

Feel free to share your ideas with our Genius team and let us help you realize your ideas. Enquire here now on our website or Call 03 9588 2626 or email us: info@giantinflatables.com.au


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