How to buy an inflatable! Part 7 - Guarantees that design, materials and production match your requirements.

"How to Guarantee that your Inflatable design, materials and production matches your requirements"
Welcome to Part 7 of our 8 part blog series that focuses on how to effectively purchase a well-made inflatable!

When you buy a product you expect it to do what it's supposed to do. Simple.  To avoid being in a compromising position with no
leverage on the day you need your inflatable to be performing for you, we suggest you ensure you choose the correct supplier up front.  To assist you with this choice of supplier we have written 6 of a series of 8 blogs to assist you to avoid this pitfall..  Our philosophy at Giant Inflatables is that when you pay for a product or service you should get what you pay for. No ifs and no buts.

According to Giant Inflatables standards, the inflatable ordered needs to:
  • be of higher than acceptable quality:
  • be fit for the purpose required;
  • match the design created by supplier and signed off on by customer;
  • have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable period after purchase.

Before you settle on your supplier please ensure that you communicate to your Supplier:

  • the actual "Purpose" of the Inflatable;
  • the "Target Audience";
  • the in-house resources you have, alternatively, determine whether the Supplier can offer you those services to assist with the Set-up, manning and Pack-down of the Inflatable;
  • that you require  a 3D rendering of the design before you commit to the manufacture.

In addition, reduce your investment risk by conducting the 23 point check provided in Part 3 of our 8 part Blog series to ensure that your Supplier is adequately skilled to provide what you need.

Once that is ticked off, it is time to ensure that the Supplier you choose can actually provide you with the "Compliance and Operational Certificate" to ensure that the inflatable is safe, has complied with all material and build requirements, has sufficiently integrated systems and processes to ensure that all steps in the design, manufacture and testing phases are complied with and is safe to use in the conditions and for the purpose it is built.  In order to attain a certificate please ensure that your Inflatables Supplier is sufficiently skilled in areas of design, anchorage, material durability and strength, and can provide all the services to assist you with set-op, pack-down, after care service, maintenance and repair. 

 Be well prepared  for the day when you are ready to purchase an inflatable to turn your event into a memorable, unique, experiential occasion for your valued client and their target market.  We look forward to seeing you again next week for the final in our 8 Part blog series.


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