How to buy an inflatable! Part 6 - Suitability of an Inflatable Supplier in relation to your business resources!

"Is your Inflatables Supplier suitably resourced to be a key partner?”

Welcome to Part 6 of our 8 part blog series that focuses on how your choice of Inflatables Supplier should always take into account your own business goals your operational needs and resources available.
What would happen if your inflatable arrived and was much to heavy or large to move by those you had planned to operate the event?

Physical size, weight, operation and storage are all important considerations to keep in mind when you are choosing your Inflatables supplier. It stands to reason that your business is resourced for your core needs. It may not be effectively positioned to handle a product for which you have no experience in safe and efficient operation. 

Incompetent, dangerous and sloppy handling during the setup, operation and pack down of activation inflatables may breed mistrust and discontent in the mind of your client. That’s not a good look, so your supplier should be in the position to assist or to offer you the option of training or direction to a reputable and experienced operator

It is important to determine that your Inflatables Supplier can offer you options:-
1.     Comprehensive set up and pack down instructions.  You should insist on a video to enable even the most rookie of employees to be able to operate the inflatables available for use on any given day; alternatively
2.     Your supplier's own staff and resources to set up and pack down your inflatable for you;
3.     On site training;
4.     Direct you to an experienced reputable and respected organization that can offer you the service to reliably and dependably handle inflatable products.

If your Supplier cannot assist with this service you may find yourself in a pickle on the very day you wanted to create an inspiring , lasting and relationship building impression …. Instead you could have an embarrassing disaster!

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Its not surprising that most effective, modern and lean organisations do not have excess storage space and heavy duty materials handling capabilities.  Please ensure that your Inflatables Supplier can offer you safe , insured and documented storage solutions if you need them.

Service and Maintenance
What do you do when your muddy inflatable has a broken zip or needs TLC?

Its should be an important part of your Operations and Management Resource plan to know how your inflatable will be maintained throughout its operational life.
Keep in mind that Inflatables, get dirty, damaged and begin to look tardy and tired after a long hard season. Worse still if its an Inflate and Seal Inflatable, even a small air leak will render it unserviceable. In order to stay professional and savvy as your clients chosen operator you in turn need to ensure that your inflatable supplier can provide you with a reliable and timeous services that needs to include:
1.     Cleaning;
2.     Maintenance;
3.     Repair;
4.     Service;
5.     Supply spare parts.
6.     Branding renewal

Who do you turn to when you local stadium management or council need to have documentation and operational certification  relating to your inflatable?

If your Inflatables Supplier cannot provide the above service and maintenance it is unlikely that they will be able to provide you with an updated certificate of currency certifying that your inflatable product has been rigorously checked by an experienced person and is safe for use and complies with Australian and international Standards.

Transportation and logistics
Your tired team have packed away after your remote event and the heavy inflatable unit now needs to go back into storage for the season. Who takes care of that?

Its often overlooked in your planning and requisition stages that your inflatable will be used at remote locations by hired staff. They have been briefed and trained in the art of setup operation and pack down , but then what? Your organization may not have an appropriate vehicle and handling equipment to assist you in getting your valuable asset back to base. A reputable and dependable inflatable supplier should be able to assist in this aspect of operations.

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Some noteworthy conclusions
Ensure your  Operations and Management Resource plan is documented before you commission your inflatable supplier. It’s a key step in the acquisition process because it is a high value document to direct your line of research when needing to choose a partner to design, supply and even operate and transport your or your clients valuable asset

We trust this look at some of the often forgotten aspects of choosing a reliable and dependable supplier and partner has been assistance to you. Be well prepared  for the day when you are ready to purchase an inflatable to turn your event into a memorable, unique, experiential occasion for your valued client and their target market.  We look forward to seeing you again next week for Part 7 of our blog series.


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