How to buy an inflatable! Part 1 - Introduction

This Blog is the first of a series of Blogs demystifying the process of buying an Inflatable Sports Product.  Purchasing an Inflatable Product is not your every day, off the shelf transaction. There is a process that we suggest you follow to ensure that you have the right manufacturer, the right product and the right outcome.

If you are not ready to purchase an inflatable at the moment, this series of Blogs will empower you to ask the right questions and get the right outcomes throughout the process. More importantly it will highlight the things you need to think about and ask us or another supplier to ensure that the product you purchase is fit for purpose and achieves all the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

We will highlight the things to consider and may not have yet thought of over the series to ensure you have a highly engineered, professionally manufactured, safe and fit for purpose inflatable for your Sports Event.

Due to the range and sophistication of inflatables today, really the limitation is only ones imagination. Look at our Pinterest page to see how far ones imagination can go.
It is a fantastic fan engagement activation and sponsor promotion platform used at sporting events, school incursions, shopping centers and community events.

The key areas which may be a source of concern will be dealt with in this series of blogs and all the pitfalls and questions will be answered to ensure you get what you wanted as well as what you needed based on your own particular set of circumstances and requirements.

We will deal with :
  1. How to ensure that what you want as a design translates exactly to what you want in a product.
  2. The questions to ask to ensure you appoint the correct manufacturer.
  3. The certification parameters you need to know to ensure your inflatable is safe and compliant in line with required Australian and International standards and to address your insurance needs.
  4. The systems and processes you should insist on to ensure the smooth running of your project.
  5. The information you need to give your manufacturer to ensure that your inflatable is suitable in relation to weight, set up, pack down, transportation and storage bearing in mind your human resources available.
  6. Guarantees that design, materials and production match your requirements.
  7. Factors to consider in the timing it takes from conception to delivery of your inflatable.
From the above, you can see that if you are thinking of purchasing an Inflatable, there are many factors to consider to ensure you actually get what you want. Don't worry........Get Giant Inflatables!


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