How to Buy an Inflatable! Part 3 - How to appoint the correct supplier!

Welcome to Part 3 of our 8 part Blog Series on

"How to choose your inflatable supplier". 

This Blog is important as it highlights for you the essential characteristics you should look for in your Inflatable Supplier.  An Inflatable is not your everyday off the shelf purchase.  If you find an inflatables supplier on Google, check their credibility by asking key questions to ensure that the supplier you choose has the skills, credibility, manufacturing and safety standards, on time delivery, back up service and maintenance infrastructure.
An investment in a modern inflatable  needs to be made with all facts at your fingertips. This is particularly so due to the complexity and sophistication that Inflatables today,  A Google search of who is highest on the list or even paid advertisers on your Google search does not guarantee that you will get the highest quality product or service.  In order to get the best bang for your buck it is advisable to really "know" your supplier.

That means, does your supplier have the skills, knowledge, technology, experience, designers, range, vision and passion to give you a safe, reliable, high quality, custom designed. Australian Standard's compliant, workable, cutting edge, original inflatable (not just another jumping castle)?

Don't let your supplier be the weak link in your chain.  In order to avoid financial and reputation risks, get to know your supplier.  We think the following list of questions will assist you to reduce your Risk in choosing an Inflatable Supplier.

  1. How long have you been in business supplying custom made Inflatables?
  2. Have you worked with this type of product or process before?
  3. Do you have evidence of quality of products and processes?
  4. What processes do you have in place to ensure consistency of quality and meeting delivery deadlines?
  5. What is your approach towards communication and who will be my main point of contact,
  6. What is your communication strategy in the event of a supply disruption? How will I be notified and kept up to date?
  7. What colours, printing methodology and materials is used to ensure quality and durability of product and brand?
  8.  How will a sample, if relevant, differ from mass production.  This is important if certain elements of colour or design in relation to your brand are not negotiable - there may very well be a slight difference but that difference may or may not effect your brand.  It will be good to be aware of this upfront.
  9. Determine your points of no return in the manufacturing process.  That is, make sure sign off means only then is material and printing carried out to prevent your supplier buying material or printing material prior to "Sign off".
  10. What does delivery time mean? That is, when your supplier says one month, does it mean from payment to delivery or from sign off to delivery? If timing is important, this little detail can can save your deadline.
  11. Do you have Public & Product liability insurance and is it a minimum of $20,000,000?
  12. What is your methodology of understanding and interpreting a brief? This question will ascertain if your supplier can ask the right questions to understand you as a client and the product you wish to have created.
  13. Can your provide 3D computer design models?
  14. Do you document your offer and require sign off?
  15. Do you provide upfront safety parameters based on the size, design and use of the product?
  16. What systems do you have in place throughout the production phase to ensure checks are in place at every stage from printing to sub assembly to final assembly to testing and checking?
  17. Do you provide certification that the product complies with or is better than required by Australian Standards?
  18. Can you guarantee that your product will perform as agreed?
  19. Can you deliver on time and within budget? This should be agreed in writing!
  20. Do you deliver nationwide and international?
  21. Do you maintenance, service, repair and annual certification for safety purposes?
  22. Do you have a team to set up, operate, pack up, transport and store the inflatable?
  23. Are you able to re-brand our inflatable?
Once you have established that the inflatables supplier is not a weak link in your chain your success rate will be enhanced. Please ensure that you appoint an established company that has the skills, knowledge, technology, experience, designers, range, vision and passion to guarantee a safe, reliable, high quality, custom designed Australian Standard's compliant, workable, cutting edge, original inflatable.


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