The Technical Blog: Printing and Tie-points.

Giant Inflatables supplies the best quality inflatables on the market. But how do we do it? What goes on behind the scenes that makes our inflatables so remarkably safe and reliable?

Most of the products from Giant Inflatables have banners of some sort that need to be printed, and these banners need to withstand constant inflation and deflation as well as all weather conditions. To ensure that our banners are up to the challenge, we use the best quality inks on the best quality material and a perfect balance of weight and strength. Banners that are too heavy increase the weight of the inflatable making it difficult to transport and hard to pack away. On the other side of the coin, banners that are too light tend to rip and stretch too easily. With almost two decades of practical experience, we have developed a lightweight AND strong banner that allows an unparalleled quality of printing.
-Printing apparatus used by Giant Inflatables.

All of the product that Giant Inflatables supplies are fitted with numerous "D-Rings", small metal rings in the shape of the capital letter "D" that allow the inflatable to be tied down. However, D-rings are the tip of the iceberg on the tie-points. D-Rings are attached via seatbelt grade fabric to a load bearing disk on the inside of the inflatable, which is in turn bonded to the inflatable, not by sewing but by high-tech chemical glue, stronger than any stitching available. Our tie-points spread the weight load over a large surface and are placed in the best strategic positions around the inflatable, allowing it to withstand even severe weather conditions. These Tie-points play an integral part in keeping the inflatable safe and reliable. Tie-points are installed and manufactured with keen precision to avoid being ripped out by the weight of the product and wind. Once again, Giant Inflatables extensive industry experience has born a tried and tested tie-point design that is used in all of our products. . Our D-Rings are unmatched in the market for strength and reliability. Check out this video to watch our Tie-points in action!


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