When does a KISS keep you safe from the Sun?

KIIS 101.1 & SunSmart

If you want your brand to stay relevant and in the public eye, one of our favourite radio stations really shows us how it is done.  KIIS 101.1 teams up and associates with very interesting organisations.  Hopefully you were at St Kilda beach over the last weekends in January to see the KIIS 101.1 and SunSmart Event to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and sun protection.
Who did these two socially aware organisations come to in order to get that message across?

Giant Inflatables of course.

Giant Inflatables Event Dome
Giant Inflatables is an accredited supplier to most of the major events around Australia, from sporting bodies’ activations and installations to outdoor event shelters and domes. KIIS 101.1 and SunSmart engaged Giant Inflatables to create a highly branded, UVP 50+ Quad Frame Inflatable Dome for its outdoors SunSmart and KIIS 101.1 skin cancer prevention and sun protection awareness campaign.

 The QF500S
The QF500S Inflatable Event Tent is a fantastic way to ensure your event is highly branded, your equipment is quick and easy to put up and take down and is safe, stable in the wind, offering high UV Protection, and is highly durable.  All branding is replaceable for the next event and so the extending the life of your Inflatable. 

Quad Frame Inflatable Tent
The QF500S model is a Quad Frame Inflatable Event Dome meaning it has 4 legs. It is 5m x 5m in dimension using sealed or “Inflate ‘n Go” technology that allows it to be inflated, sealed and you are ready to go.  This allows it to be used in remote setting as well as local high traffic areas, whether indoors or outdoors.

KIIS 101.1 and SunSmart used 2 highly branded, visible Quad Frame Domes to create a large UV Protected play, meet and greet area.

Conferences & Exhibitions
As these Quad Frame Domes can be used indoors and out, they are very effective in creating small meet and greet lounges for people at Exhibitions and Conferences to take a moment and relax out of the mainstream traffic.  They can be specifically designed for private meetings or general traffic.

Reliability & Trust
Let Giant Inflatables help you create a larger than life, highly branded, big impact Event.   Giant Inflatables will provide you with an exceptionally well designed, highly brand-able and very reliable product that has been tested and approved compliant to Australian Standards and certified to make sure the products we design and deliver are safe and durable and engineered to the highest specifications. 


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