Have you ever seen Graffiti Gift Wrapped?

Transport Accident Commission takes new approach to Christmas.

Graffiti is usually associated with messy wall scribbles.  We would like you to meet another type of Graffiti, one that can “activate your brand” and get your message out there.

Brand Activations
Graffiti are one of the many amazing clients of Giant Inflatables who work with us to create a custom designed brand activation events or installations.

You know a client trusts you when they hand you a product to service and maintain repeatedly, even if you didn’t originally manufacture it.
One of such products is the TAC giant Christmas present house used to wrap presents with a photo booth for dress up to create personalized Christmas cards.  This campaign was run by Graffiti.

Servicing Inflatable Products
Not only does Giant Inflatables stand behind every product it manufactures, but we are able to assist with the service, maintenance and fixing of other manufacturers products to ensure they remain operationally safe.

Full Turnkey Service
Giant Inflatables offer a full turnkey project from concept development, design and engineering services, manufacture of your inflatable and auxiliary equipment, operational documentation, safety and operational certification, storage and delivery. In addition Giant Inflatables services, certifies and re-brands your inflatable brand activation product.
Put your trust in the brand that fixes manufactured products which other manufacturers have made. Put your trust in Giant Inflatables.


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