Cricket World Cup Countdown

1 year to go and the countdown for the World Cup Cricket is being done by product that was created by Giant Inflatables.
Giant inflatables is very proud to have been  chosen to create these timers. Each unit  has an inflatable cricket ball that topped a steel tube frame. 8 units were made - one for each state and Cricket Australia

Its was much more then just building the 8 inflatable cricket balls. We designed a "Fold Away System" that comprised a Steel frame , LED countdown clock and cloth skirt that could be transported around the country. It was simple and safe to build and had a high level of classy eye catching finish that would look good on film. 
Bret Lee, Allan Border & Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott were presented at event of unveiling the event
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It was a job that brought together all the engineering
expertise that made the Giant Inflatables team the natural choice
for the World Cup Cricket organization
The Inflatable cricket Ball was just one small part
Our Steel fabricators put a clever frame design together
The clever frame design allows it to be stacked for shipping
and smart detailing allows for office staff to assemble it

Clever innovation also carried through to the Programming of the Count Down Clock. The tech guys managed to design a really smart program that was so simple to load even a child could do it.



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