Chill@burning man

It felt a lot like being on the set of The Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines when the  was a Giant Inflatables and their partners Airspace Inflatables in Cape Town teams arrived on site at the at Africa Burning 2013
Once again we feel proud and offer thanks to those that leave the worrying to us.
Once again they were justified in their trust because the entire team delivered more then asked.

Its that thing called magic - its what we are so good at only because its something we really practice hard  at.
Magic happens when a team and their supporters come together in unimaginable ways. Magic happens because each part of each team are experts, who don't actually know how good they are until they all come together.

Here at Africa Burning 2013 they created a Chill Room that rocked.

Why Not take the chill out of your next gig and warm to us who help to create magic. you are one click away


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