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In business as in all life endeavours, maintaining the creative force is a relentless activity in which active participation in an ongoing need. At Giant Inflatables we believe that sharing is a key element in that process. We like to believe that our clients , our suppliers and our staff family all gain a sense of  comfort from the fact that the Giant inflatables team never stop searching  and sharing in order to maintain a level of creative fitnesses that will offer all our stakeholders a dividend.

Last year, as part of that process we got involved with the graduate team at Melbourne University School of Architecture under the baton of Stanilav Roudavski to share our knowledge and ideas about inflatables with his post grad  masters class as they explored the cutting edge topic of Performative Architecture.

" What would happen if architecture could sense and adapt, like trees or corals? What if buildings had personalities with unique reactions and preferences, like higher animals or even people? ..... Designing (or breeding, cultivating and rearing) such environment is an unfamiliar and difficult task. It requires an engagement with a broad range of skills well beyond traditional architectural and design.
 In this context, their Performative Architecture Installation served as a radical speculative project for research, learning, collaboration and demonstration."


This is the amazing  creation   

Now its time to vote for this amazing creation
in the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards


Wow! Fantastic creation! Looks like a sure bet in the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards. best of luck!

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