Billy Brownless Creating the perfect footy player

I was recently asked the question
“ why are your inflatable products more expensive then a quote I got from a company in China.......
... the product looks the same.... surely one inflatable is the same as any other inflatable?”
My answer is best explained by a set of pictures and a story that represent a recent project we did with a respected client who trusts us enough not to question our price.
The enquiry seemed reasonably simple

As discussed, we are looking at producing a large Billy Brownless inflatable to be positioned on the tray of a Ford Ranger.
· Bill wearing Geelong top (number 16)
· Shorts upwards
· Height: 4-5 metres
· Pose: standing with footy in one hand and other arm on hip (please advise if you think another pose will look better)
We have a few pictures and we need it in 3-4 weeks”

Well I didn't give it too much thought after my quote , ...until our client pushed the GO button with only 2 weeks to go!

Only problem is we had never done a real look alike inflatable person before and now there was little time to develop a production method!

That's when clear communication , transparency 24 hr service and a team with magic are better then Master card

Cheap just doesn't buy you that !
So here we go with a picture story....

....How we built an inflatable Billy Brownless, then helped him become the best player by gaining a tattoo and a tan....

1. first we started with the model
signing of an a shape model

Then when we worked on getting the graphics correct on the body

Adding the logos and brands

While one team was busy with the patterning of the body shape...... the talented magician Lewellen was tearing his hair out trying to concoct a brew that would render his head workable.Then in an instant of glowing inspiration he happened upon the meds. Inflatable head is one thing though , getting it to look billy - quite another - so the prototyping in 1/2 size began....

So while the head was heading to reality the body production had begun
patterning the body

printing the body panels on a wide bed printer
"...that looks like a winner..."

Now here is the punch ....

..... the unbelievably positive feedback from our clients really attests to the fact that our process is transparent and packed full of feedback which allows our clients and their clients in turn to develop a true sense of trust that the inflatable they will receive will be true to the brief, consistent with all required regulations in terms of its fabrication and safe and easy for inexperienced operators to use.

Now lets bring this all to a head....

And when its time for final fitting it can all happen right here at our factory with our client. That way they feel secure that all the bases are covered and there will be no embarrassing surprises........!


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