Inflatable SuperDome tents rally do work hard.
This style of Inflatable tent is also know as an Event Tent or an Event Dome.

In principal its a constant air system that inflates a multi leg dome frame.
Giant Inflatables can now offer these systems as AOD - Air on demand systems.
Why do that? - because they are so very energy efficient. They are an hybrid of a sealed tent - with the utility and safety of a constant air inflatable. Giant inflatables recently delivered on to Hankook Tyres.

Ready Set Go took their Shell Super-dome inflatable event tent on the road for Shell V power

The Superdome SD15000 inflatable tent is rated by engineers and built to Australian stringent standards to deliver a safe portable inflatable building, thats quick and safe to erect and sturdy in heavy weather.

Housing their awesome simulators - [ a Ready Set Go production... again - they are such clever guys!] this inflatable shelter, the amazing Superdome SD15000 goes nationwide where the road show takes them.

The shelter was part of a huge display - have a look at this time lapse video

Did you knwo that the Red Shell V power SD15000 Inflatable Shelter is also always part of the Topgear live sideshow - take a look at its awesome presance. Only an inflatable can be so imposing.
And remember that we design inflatable buildings to order, and can make sure your next inflatable Tent is a spectacular success and a unique shape.

Why not call Giant Inflatables and ask us about our range of inflatable shelter and inflatable tents


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