Interactive Inflatable activity Ring

Inflatable Activity Rings

Use an Area defing inflatable to create a well branded and controlled activity ring that is easy to use and loved by participants and operators alike

Doing promotions in busy shopping centers and high traffic public spaces is always a challenge. By adding the dimension of an interactive experience in order to reinforce the brand or develop the image is always going to complicate the operation.

That’s where a creative team can make your clients $$$ go a long way further in meeting their needs with your imagination. The Team of Promotional Sampling - had such a dream and called on The Giant Inflatables to turn such a dream into reality.

There client bought into there creative and the use of Experience as a way of promoting their brand – This is how they see it…

10 Reasons Why Experiential Sampling Works

1. It engages the senses - in fact all 5iveSenses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste
2. It offers a two-way dialogue where consumers are encouraged to play an active role in the communication
3. It's a multi-sensory approach that outstrips the connection offered by other visual and audio-only mediums. It is widely acknowledged in the scientific community that humans communicate on many varied levels, not only sight and sound.
4. It offers a guaranteed payout for the consumer in the form of live entertainment, adventure, premium etc. As a result, dwell times are longer and brand recall significantly improved.
5. Reach - many 1000's of people see the experiential activity
6. It's an out-of-home experience
7. It's a quality contact
8. It's spontaneous, creative and unique
9. It combines well with Sponsorship Leveraging
10. It is the FUTURE

And this is how Giant Iinflatables realized it. They created this inflatable activity ring which made the promotion so much more manageable.

1.An inflatable activity ring is easy to put up and take down – it can be done in a few minutes with very little staff

2. An inflatable area or ring is optimal where you need supervision as it has only one entrance and exit that can easily be monitored.

3. An inflatable activity area with an Inflatable arch entry stands as a beacon. It is a great area to brand and can be seen as “the spot” from the distance.

4. An inflatable ring is a cost effective way to control and brand space and reuse in new and exciting ways every time they go out.

David Abramowitch
phone: +03 9588 - 2626
Winner of the 2007 IFAI Outstanding Achievement Award


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