The Giant Inflatables website been a VERY long time in coming.
At last our NEW website is here and we are a very proud team.

It really amazes me how hard it is to find the balance of ton, content and pitch .
As a team of committed individuals we began by asking each member of our diverse team to consider who their client was.
We began that exploration in a workshop and established that each of us in the team was a client and had a supplier......

.... In that context - of each team member having a supplier and client - we then explored what information we wanted to communicate with each of our individual clients......

What surprised me was how in concert the ultimate aim was to be.
To put it simply it was......

Communicate with each of our clients our teams collective sentiment that "we are here to make their life easier ... and to accept the responcibility of their trust in us", once they had decided to engage!

So as a supplier of "betterment" to our clients, utilizing the medium of inflatable products, we share with you all we have to offer.
1. We have all committed to keeping our information relevant and up to date,
2. We have committed to bring our customers fantastic and cost effective value "special offers" based on our renouned and uncompamised quality and all guaranteed.
3. We have committed to continuing our research and developement, inovation and imagiantion to make our inflatables the easiest to use and most reliable in the market.

Please enjoy and feel confidant that in choosing Giant Inflatables as your partner, we will do what we do best, in the knowledge that you do what you know best.
We wish all of you who have given of your time to work with us or are just taking a dip, a satisfying , rewarding and healthy balanced new year.

From David- Keith and an incredible team of inflatable product Geniuses.


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