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Inflatable man skydancer cowboy

Need your own special skydancer , inflatable man made to match your dream.To those who dont know better it seems so simple. The fact of the matter is it that its not as simple as one may think.
Its not only that it needs to look good, but as your representative on the road, its got to "walk the walk and talk the talk" , its got to dance and move like it means business. Not flop and droop like so many one sees around. A cowboy sky dancer inflatable man that works for our clients ,that has character an attitude uses sophisticated modeling programs in its development. The process is that we create a 3D model fist, so we are sure of what it will look like. Next we instruct our software to cut it up so we can actually make it up in manageable parts. This is the critical stage and requires a lot of knowledge of how it will be made and how its put together. Then our software will produce the patterns as we have split it. In the end when all is said an done we then need to make sure i…

Don’t Spend A Cent On Inflatables Until You Read Every Word On This Page

Please Invest just a few minutes on our blog over the next few weeks, and you'll discover the ......7 critical questions you must ask your promotional inflatable company to ensure your next project achieves your objectives ... and avoid ..................... wasting time, money and energy on an unreliable, inexperienced inflatable products company who fails to deliver on their promises. Plus, you'll learn what leading companies like Cricket Australia, Netball Australia, Yamaha, Jack Morton Worldwide, Elite Sports Properties Holdings, KFC, Price Attack,Optus, National Foods... even the V8 Superstars and the Melbourne Cup have to say about their inflatables experience.
Are you looking for an inflatables supplier who is reliable, dependable, quality assured and reasonably priced? If so, then I urge you to read every word of this letter. You see, choosing the right inflatables company for your project is a critical decision.
If you choose the wrong company, your campaign or event could b…

Driving sales to your door inflatable advertising

How do you make more sales every day ?
Its really simple - just make sure you are always seen !
Just make sure people know you exist !
Simply take every opportunity to be seen !
ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE be seen and keep being seen by passing traffic Its free advertising of the very best kind
- always fresh and always where its noticed best !
Make our shop visible with ACTION where customers, on a whim, can just simply come through the door and make a purchase.
Eyecatchers Ravers that dance and move and attract attention are the most cost effective way to make sure there is ACTION in front of your shop. Sky dancers , Inflatable wavers, Air Dancers, or dancing stick men create ACTION in front of your store.
Action in front of your store will attract attention. When you attract attention , people will know you exist
When people know you exist they may even visit your store.
And when customers visit your store your sales staff can close a deal No customers - no deal Get an Eye-catching Raver NO…

Air Dancer,Inflatable wavers all are Ravers

DONT GO UNNOTICEDFor the month of July only, a very special offer

Simply get your sales moving now and take advantage of a very special offer !.
BEST PRICE EVER for quality EyeCatcher Ravers , sky-dancers ,Inflatable wavers , whatever you want to call them
Just call 1300INFLATE and mention Raver special
Inflatable Air Dancers will do it.
We are committed to getting you noticed by passing traffic and we are committed to getting you the sales that are passing you by.
Attract attention to your shop.

Inflatable Wavers will do it,
We are committed to making you the best deal on the web for the products that others copy
inflatableRavers have been doing it for years. are the original eye catchers that so many have copied but NEVER made better.
Get the color you want , red, yellow , green, blue, orange, we got them in stock for immediate shipping
price is exclusive of GST and shipping and for a plain character without te…

inflatable products for industry

Inflatable products that are used for industrial applications are the new horizon for cost effective easy to use and labor efficient operations.These include inflatable plugs and inflatable stoppers, inflatable pipe plugs and inflatable void formers. There are new technologies of inflatable products that offer strength and smart and innovative design options.
One of these products is the Matrix Web - drop stitch technology which offer inflatable products that can be inflated to very high pressures to become very stiff. Its often used for inflatable boat floors, floating service ponts , inflatable stretchers for first response,loading docks and flood gates
Call as at 1300inflate or mail and we will tell you how

Point of sale inflatables and inflate and seal products

Inflate and seal products are the perfect tool for brand awareness, activation and point of Sale POS marketing campaigns

When we were asked to make a 6ft high Inflatable kangaroo for TAB to coinside with the soccer worlds cup it seemed a simple ask.

But there are inflatable Kangaroos and then there is Ozzie. An inflatable Kangaroo with attitude. A inflate and seal mascot that will represent the theme.

Our client had tried to create an inflate and seal mascot that looked like their vision , with another supplier but an inflate and seal mascot with attitude was not what they got.

What Showing Style wanted was an inflatable, inflate and seal mascot Kangaroo that would represent the mascot character of the Socceroos, a team with attitude – the attitude that can win.

The lesson here is simple – if you know what you want and need it as you want it, then simply team up with a company that have the know how and the patience to best achieve that end. Giant Inflatablescan offer that service.

Giant In…

Giant Inflatables are great marketing tools

Giant Inflatable optus penguin gets an outing with the socceroos

The Giant inflatables team and a giant inflatable penguin were at it once again in fine company.

As Part of the Jack Morton Worldwide Event team, who run a optus outdoor marketing drive with a competition as part of the world cup soccer, socceroos sponsorship, the Giant Inflatable Optus penguin got a rather wet outing at the MCG.

The occasion was the Socceroos sendoff game against New Zealand.

The optus gig was a “choose the best goal” sms comp

The highlight was the giant inflatable optus penguin seen well above the crowd.

The venue was the MCG Melbourne

And the Events operations team for Giant Inflatables took care of all the details to allow the Jack Morton Worldwide guys do what they know best and not have to worry about the inflatable penguin, wind or rain , the setup, the ballast the pack down or any operational.

So if you need to stay focused on what you do best, a seamless event with many facets , let the Giant Inflatable…

Marketing is a great investrment with good return

These are difficult times in most industries.
Customers are becoming more demanding; revenues are down; and promotional strategies that worked in the past aren’t as effective as they used to be.

The good news: "It doesn’t have to be that way".

There is an incredible variety of proven strategies available to get prospects to come looking for you, instead of the other way around. And, as a bonus, these strategies are unique, effective, and fun to implement!

The compelling copy checklist
1. Clarity of purpose
2. Killer headline
3. Clear statement of value
4. Compelling story
5. Irresistible offer
6. Better than risk-free guarantee
7. Overcoming objections
8. Testimonials
9. Definite and urgent call to action
10. Multiple ways to respond
11. Bonuses
12. P.S.—Restating the offer

How do you change your approach to start getting better results? Quite simply, you must focus on strategies that will bring you tangible, measurable results. To do that, you need only remember the “3 M’s of Marketing”:


Interactive Inflatable activity Ring

Inflatable Activity Rings

Use an Area defing inflatable to create a well branded and controlled activity ring that is easy to use and loved by participants and operators alike

Doing promotions in busy shopping centers and high traffic public spaces is always a challenge. By adding the dimension of an interactive experience in order to reinforce the brand or develop the image is always going to complicate the operation.

That’s where a creative team can make your clients $$$ go a long way further in meeting their needs with your imagination. The Team of Promotional Sampling - had such a dream and called on The Giant Inflatables to turn such a dream into reality.

There client bought into there creative and the use of Experience as a way of promoting their brand – This is how they see it…

10Reasons Why Experiential Sampling Works

1. It engages the senses - in fact all 5iveSenses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste
2. It offers a two-way dialogue where c…

Superhero inflatable Ravers and Eye Catchers

Its fun creating new Raversand Eye-catchersAnd having fun is what keeps us going.
But in the end Ravers are about attracting attention in a way that will make people smile. Because when they smile they remember.
But even more then that - Inflatable Ravers are about the sales staff feeling that they have help! Not many clients think of that when they ask us for a way to attract passing traffic.
So our hero has arrived for passing traffic and for clients looking to have motivated staff and walk through traffic in the shop.
Need more sales - call us on 1300inflate or visit our new web site and see it all.

Need Impact - Inflatables have it

Pedders shows the way

Marketing plans are story driven

And an inflatable character tells the story in a way that will be remembered long after its gone.

Pictures say it all….. but inflatable characters say even more.
That’s why companies that need to tell their stories in a way that will attract attention and never be forgotten choose to use inflatable marketing products.
Giant inflatables and inflatables with attitude have a lasting impact

When a company looking for a marketing angle that will be seen by many, is looking to get the story told well, they will look for a supplier that can interpret and understand the plot and then deliver what their imagineers have dreamed.

The talented team at Giant Inflatables have the experience and the understanding to listen to a clients dream, and know how to turn that into a workable, usable reality.

Roller Zorb Tube racing – an e3xtreme inflatable game

After months of testing and refining, the Giant Inflatables new range of competition quality Roller Zorb Tubes has had its field day at the Commonwealth Bank - day night cricket series.

Produced from a high quality UPVC and patterned using an advanced 3D grid mapping software, these units now offer a level of cushioning and low friction rolling never before achieved with such products.

The design, a combination of state of the art materials and dynamic design modelling has made this range the safest Roller Zorb Tubes yet.

Competition Roller Zorb Tubes are supplied with flight case, inflation and deflation pump, quick set repair kit and full user instructions and safety guidelines.
The Giant Inflatables website been a VERY long time in coming.
At last our NEW website is here and we are a very proud team.

It really amazes me how hard it is to find the balance of ton, content and pitch .
As a team of committed individuals we began by asking each member of our diverse team to consider who their client was.
We began that exploration in a workshop and established that each of us in the team was a client and had a supplier......

.... In that context - of each team member having a supplier and client - we then explored what information we wanted to communicate with each of our individual clients......

What surprised me was how in concert the ultimate aim was to be.
To put it simply it was......

Communicate with each of our clients our teams collective sentiment that "we are here to make their life easier ... and to accept the responcibility of their trust in us", once they had decided to…