add years of life to your inflatable product

The ultimate slip, slop, slap protection for your Outdoor Fabric products and Giant Inflatables.

Inflatables, Taut liners, Umbrellas, Marquis, Awnings and Screens

Do you have products that live outdoors and are being ruined by Ultra Violet radiation and air borne pollution?

Do you struggle to keep your outdoor fabric products clean and looking fresh?

Now available in Australia for the first time with the muscle to do what’s required in Australian conditions

A water based, environmentally friendly surface armour that is easy to apply

Giant Ultralife - UV Fabric Armour is a newly developed formulation that is easy to brush on or spray apply to PVC fabric surfaces for UV protection and an advanced anti pollution skin armour.

The new Giant Ultralife - UV Fabric Armour will add years to your inflatable or outdoor Awning.

The advantages to giving your balloon an armour protection skin.

Advanced UV protection to PVC coated fabrics, gives it a fresh and shiny look, brings up the colours and years more life.
Giant Ultralife - UV Fabric Armour will improve strength and durability to the important threads used to sew it together.
Seals the perforations that sewing caused and where damaging chemicals gather.
Superior adhesion to the su
rfaces of Giant Ultralife – UV Fabric Armour.
Giant Ultralife - UV Fabric Armour will give the surface a pollution barrier against airborne chemicals that attack the fabric and sewing threads.
It also reduces the ability of airborne grime to adhere to the surface

This is the advantage of Giant Ultralife - UV Fabric Armour.
It Radically extended life of your rooftop Balloon.
It Reduces the energy use of your inflation fan by sealing all the sewing perforations.
It adds a strong invisible surface that makes it easy to clean with simple detergents.
Sewing lines that do not weep black ugly marks across the surface as destructive contamination in the seams leach and run.

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