Heliospheres - A great international teams win.

There are not too many maniacs (thankfully) [except for Keith –] out there who would accept the challenge on behalf of a team, to build in less then a week, 3 – lighter then air lifting platforms. This outrageous concept was to support dancers, gracefully floating, 20m above a cricket ground for the closing ceremony extravaganza of the 2009 IPL cricket competition. Accept the challenge of design, build, deliver and operate them in a turnaround time of 5 working days! Only with the right team.

That’s the excitement of being part of a trusted team of professionals who can rise to an occasion of inspiration and deliver an impossible dream.

At least with rock climbing, the rocks have a few million years to be made. But in this instance the team leaders for this spectacular event wanted it ready in 5 days.
Even in the pressured days of designing of the rigs, nothing was compromised for those creative fellows at Action Safety – http://www.actionsafety.co.za/ - who envisioned and choreographed the aerial dance.

While back at the factory organised chaos reigned. On the same day 2 jobs hit the deck with one week to design, build, test & test again and deliver. Inflatable Snow domes for the Broadmeadows shopping centre [ Melbourne Australia ] and 3 Heliospheres [ helium inflated spheres ] for the dancers to fly off [ Wonderers, Johannesburg, South Africa ] .

It’s only a well co-ordinated and highly experienced team of trusted professionals, who can turn a clients dream into a successful Bollywood extravaganza.

Let the visuals talk.


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