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I was going through my library of my most fun projects and was thinking about our inflatable Buddha. We all so enjoyed the journey, from the discourse with my client, to the manic 30 or so uninterrupted hours to get him finished. All the decisions on how we should translate the clients un-verbalised wishes into a realizing of her dream.
Just after that I was reading a letter from a good friend, colleague and highly motivated copy writing guru who has no problem sharing his secrets of getting more clients by communicating with them - which is a really simple matter of fact thing we all have the ability to do.

"How does this relate to my word………." Inflatables, clients, my staff, your clients
Well at times like we are in today, when the mad levels of activity which blunt our ability to empathise with our surroundings are at an ebb, we get time to think about life in a much more personal way. This makes one realise how little time one spends getting to know those that deliver us our daily livelihood.

So with Buddha as my spring board and your eyes as my pool I share with you some of what Scott Bywater has to say about finding time and the "inner you" to share your thoughts and what you can offer ,with your clients and prospects and getting your business buzzing with life.

This is how Scott puts it:-
Last weekend my wife had some friends down and was
over at my sister in law's house having dinner. I
was at home flicking channels and watching

A number of things were on... football... some horror
movie about a crocodile in the Northern Territory (a
place I lived for almost a decade growing up - and no,
I never saw a crocodile ambling down the main street,
however I did see quite a few buffalos - true)...
and other stuff including one of my favourite movies...

Dead Poets Society

I love this movie for a few reasons. Namely, the teacher - Keating - is just a brilliantly unconventional educator.

Geez I wish I had a teacher like that when I was at school.

I particularly love the part where he gets all his students
to rip out the opening paragraph of their poetry books.

Anyway, there is a scene in that movie where he asks one of
the boys, Todd Anderson, a question. And Todd doesn't have
much to say.

Then Keating talks about the fact Todd doesn't believe
he has anything useful to say or offer. He follows this
by asking him to stand in front of the room... stare at a photo... close his eyes... and pushes him to the next

How to write winning copy for advertisements, sales letters,
web sites, emails and anything else... step-by-step...

It's at this moment, he starts sharing some of the most passionate and moving poetry... far beyond anything he ever imagined he could.

The class applauded and he looked Anderson into the eye
and said "Don't you forget this."

I can certainly relate to this feeling of not having
anything to offer - and today, like Keating, I'd like to
encourage you to speak up and find your writing voice.

Sometimes we feel as if we don't have anything valuable to
share. I felt like that for years. In fact, probably from
the ages of 13-21 I had huge troubles in standing up for
myself and speaking out.

But we all have our own unique experience of life. And
each one of us has a valuable gift to share with the

This has everything to do with copywriting and advertising, because if you take a moment to share your experiences...
your thoughts... your feedback... on a regular basis with
your customers and prospects, then they will respond.

You can do it through writing an email... an offline newsletter... a sales letter... a teleseminar... a free
report or running a seminar.

And no matter what field you are in, you are sure to
have knowledge that people want to share.

It doesn't matter if you are a real estate agent... a
plumber... a mechanic... an online marketer... a air
conditioning mechanic... a printer... a hairdresser... or whatever... you will be surprised at the useful information
you know that you think is ordinary that other people
are fascinated in.

Be sure to share it. And while you're at it, take the time
to put passion and personality into your writing. Because
that's what's missing in most letters today.

Let's face it, most writing puts you to sleep.

Write with passion. Write with depth. Write from your

How to write winning copy for advertisements, sales letters,
web sites, emails and anything else... step-by-step...

It might get on some people's nerves. You might even annoy
some people.

In fact, yesterday I received a call from a lovely guy
(he was calling me for a job, interestingly enough) who
told me my writing was too strong.

Well, that's interesting. But I'm not going to take it to
heart, because I also receive calls and get emails from
people who absolutely love what I do and I'm not going
to stop being myself for anyone.

Why? Because in the words of Bill Cosby...

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to
failure is trying to please everybody"

Believe in yourself and write with passion.

See ya,

Scott Bywater


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