Are tents old fashioned?

We get so many calls from Event producers who are looking for a fresh look for their outdoor events. It seems to me that the conventional tent as an exciting venue has lost its appeal.
With soft lines, fantastic and exciting lighting options, incredibly cost effective operational expenses, in the set up, storage and removal and quick turn around for production, Inflatable Airframe Buildings and Tents are now the new look "must have"

Question –
What does the TV show Top Gear Live and Giant Inflatables have in common?
The answer-
Ready Set Go []

Question –
What type of large shelter can be packed on a single pallet, offer 176m2 of prime weather proof accommodation and be installed, cabled with power, audio and video feeds and ready for habitation in under 4 hours.

The answer-
It’s a 19m diameter x 9m high Super Dome – inflatable Airframe tent.

We call it the Superdome. We have models in many sizes to suit your need.

Why not call us for more information about this high visibility Inflatable Airframe Dome, or an other of our versatile Airframe Structures, Inflatable buildings and shelters or phone +611300463528


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