A portable profit centre Workshop / Eventspace

The New EzY Shelter 6545 is here now!

O9 has brought new innovations to the EzY Shelter range with the launch of the Ezy Shelter 6545 model. It’s a highly portable inflatable work shop system that has been redesigned with many innovative and well thought out ad on extras that seamlessly integrate with the system.

The redesign includes a new height and length making it a cavernous 3m high x 6.5m long.

The cover is now fully integrated with the Inflatable frame which means that is now automagically inflates and then can very simply be packed away.
The large branding panels now can be supplied, as removable banners allowing the operator to change the message that passing traffic will see.

As an indispensable tool for increasing profitability to a savvy operator it allows costs and overheads to be kept down. The attractive benefit to your client is that the additional costs of moving the workpiece away to your factory is removed. In addition by doing your blasting, painting or site work in a controlled environment at your clients premises observers in the vicinity, in the shop next door or across the road and passing traffic will see a genuine cost effective and efficient service at work.

Available sizes are -4m x 3m - 6m x 3m - 6.5m x 4.5m

Call in for a free quote or receive additional information @ http://www.1300infate.com.au/
Or call 1300 inflate - 1300 463528


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