Inflatable snowman brings christmas cheer

Seasonal Themes are a fantastic reason to add big leverage to your advertising spend. At times when businesses are looking to make every action bring in more sales and make sure thier stores are always chosen from the many available - then making sure that they attract attention in a comfortable and empathic way is a sure winner.

"Can you build us a snowman in Townsville" asked Jay Greenwood

Never allowing ourselves to disappoint a client we assured him we could make the impossible happen!

It takes more then a hand full of snow to create an 8m high snowman. What better way to bring a refreshing coolness , "a smile to a dial " and a memorable landmark and attention attracting image to the rooftop of a clients premises then an out of the ordinary Giant Inflatable Snowman.

Ross Greenwood Electrical does it again for their client in bringing the Christmas spirit to town in a memorable and cost effective way.


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