Hellium Balls for Extreme High Altitiude value

Marketing value that money cannot buy!

Seen by 2.27 million sets of eyes in Australia and 10's of millions worldwide- Giant Inflatables is part of the Melbourne Cup Events team that makes fantasy become real.

This video will show why Emirates used Helium filled balls to expose their brand to 10s of millions of people round the world

This video will demonstrate why award winning Event Producer,
Peter Jones Special Events
[ www.pjse.com.au ] used these bright red helium inflated balls as a frame maker in the arena for the launching ceremony of the Melbourne Cup 2008.
And then ask yourself why they both used Giant Inflatables as their partner to produce the balls, and run that part of the event?

Here are just some of the reasons why?
One of the balls gets ruptured after rehearsal , 12 hours before the event- by the morning its all fixed up re gassed and read for action.

90 seconds before the "show call" an extreme wind gust ripes a rope and its fixing on the ball and leaves a gaping hole. In an instant the extremely well rehearsed and experienced team of turned on ball handlers spring into a coordinated action dance. Out of who knows where- insulation tape gets produced and disaster, embarrassment and disappointment gets averted and the show goes on as if nothing had happened!

But the reality is, that there are many stars that make a show and we thank them all.
The Supa guys from Supagas who opened up after hours and made an emergency delivery. That's why Supagas if part of OUR team!

But the biggest thanks goes to that great and award winning team at Peter Jones Special Events [ http://www.pejse.com.au/ ] who have always put their trust in our team and always go out of their way to make sure all are comfortable for the event. Professional is not enough to describe that team so I will not go any further but to say:-
“Thanks guys, we appreciate and value your trust?”

This great soundtrack is care of Idea of North - http://www.idea.com.au A true Australian group with a rich texture of great Capella Quartet sounds. Do yourself a favour and give them an ear.


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