The party that began with a bang

The program for the Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars for 2008 was launched on Friday the 9th of November at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The launch included V8’s, Grid-girls, dancers and a 7m Giant Inflatable Party Popper replica , to create the atmosphere for “The Party to the Power of 10” for the 2008 launch -.

MediaNest, the agent for Giant Inflatables in South Australia, managed and coordinated the sale of the Inflatable Party Popper after receiving the brief from Clipsal 500 Advertising Agency KWP!

In addition to Giant Inflatables, MediaNest represents a number of Media Companies in Australia including Torch Media, GOA in Brisbane, Ambient Advertising, ScooterAds, Adelaide Tram Media, Backlit Signage Opportunity’s in the Adelaide Railway Station, Mobile Billboards, plus plenty of other products. Website


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