What are Adflatables?

Adflatables are widely used as marketing and sales tools for product launches, to increase brand awareness or to add interest at an event.
They are unique in that they are 3 dimensional inflatable products that by their nature are impossible to miss, memorable and are used to promote a brand, product, service or event.

The groups of Adflatables we produce are:-

Point of Sale – POS – posinflatables or plastic inflatable products are inflate and seal inflatables that are usually made in size between 30cm and 200cm high. Miniature inflatables or Point of Sale [ POS ] inflatables are reproduced in large numbers. Our experienced and creative design team offer our clients a custom design and production service that will produce posinflatable products to your unique requirements with exceptionally good turnaround times. We specialise in offering short run and low volume production.

Inflate and seal inflatables, Mini Inflatables, PVC Point of Sale Inflatables, or Advertising Inflatables, are often made as a replica of a product, or mascot. Miniature inflatables are used for product launches at point of sale, and heighten market awareness of the brand or branding or product and product replica in a crowded retail landscape.

Giant Adflatables, Giant Inflatables, Giant balloons or Air blown inflatables are a constant cold air inflatable product. They are larger than life inflatables that make a larger than life impression. Used as indoor inflatables or outdoor inflatables, our Adflatable inflatable products are eye-catching, memorable and very easy to use.

As a form off attracting attention these large inflatable products are designed to have a huge impact, are memorable, extremely cost effective, long lasting and highly considered as effective marketing and sales tools.
Adflatables can be considered to be huge 3Dimensional inflatable billboards. Many of our unique inflatable designs offer the opportunity to marry a large area for copy to an attractive and eye-catching inflatable character or characterization.

As rooftop inflatables, adflatables are noticed above the crowded skyline by constantly passing traffic. Rooftop inflatables or rooftop balloons are illuminated at night and are therefore offering your Inflatable message 24hours a day.

Adflatables are widely recognized as the premier products from the house of Giant Inflatables. They are created as uniquely crafted inflatables that carry the renowned design features, quality and back up service that our esteemed stable of clients has come to expect. We share with our clients the wealth of international experience that we have gained over the many years in the inflatable market.


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