FINA World championships - Melbourne 2007

Giant Inflatables was honored to be chosen as the supplier of inflatable product for this prestigious event. The inflatable back screens which floated on the water at the water polo pool were a real challenge, with 20m of digitally printed signage trying to blow away in the wind.Luke Osland quipped (when we had sorted the problem out) “that’s why we use local suppliers”. It didn’t end there – for the event organizers had forgotten that the screen was higher than the winners’ podium and the cameras just couldn’t see though the huge inflatable wedge. So again another midnight service call took place to insert 6 deflation Zips into the unit so it could be deflated rapidly for the winners’ awards and re-inflate for the next round. Giant Inflatables also supplied the set of ‘Marker buoys’ for the open water swimming events for which the ‘branded inflatable arch’ was used as the start and finish line.


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