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Time Warp in Air

Where has it gone
Just a moment ago it was a new year starting with plans and hopes

A year in pictures

The categories of inflatables that this year we excelled in

Inflatable arch ways, inflatable start finish line, inflatable entrance arches

Inflatable replica products

Interactive Inflatable games and skill development, Inflatable Sports marketing products

Interactive games used at sporting events

Coca Cola extreme Catches
" Catches win Matches"

Soccer surround Inflable field

HealthWay and Soccer West Inflatable soccer enclosure "We Are Football"

"Ready Set Go" - Timed games 

Choose me

Cow training
Its not all just fun and games at the Giant Inflatables cow training school. There is loads of competition for 25 spots on the next cow gig at Bondi and each wants a spot to make the headlines

iTs serous business and its a job we take seriously.  When a client puts their trust in us and have their client trusting their judgement , to have chosen the best available inflatable products supplier, we feel the pressure to deliver. That's why every inflatable we ever make  is tested and checked before it leaves the factory.

How else can we ensure that our clients feel comfortable in the knowledge that their inflatable product will arrive on site and perform as required.
Point of sale inflatables- often known as inflate and go inflatables or mini inflatables  a perfect product to use at activations. Why not call in on us and ask us how- Just press this link to our website and send us a request.We will even call you back as soon as we get it

Deep Oceans

Tunnel into an underworld experience
Deep Oceans is an exhibition of  undersea creatures and life deep down, offer Giant Inflatables the opportunity to create a walk through inflatable tunnel that interfaces the observer with a world of life undersea

The inflatable entrance tunnel experience was constructed so that lighting and undersea images could be projected on to the skin of the inflatable creating an ambiance that will make the participant feel as though they have fallen , like Alice into another universe.

The inflatable entrance tunnel is created with a reference radius of 3m. It has an outer skin that can be used for projecting lights and images onto and a clear inner surface, making the feeling of enclosure a sfe and secure interface journey into the deep sea.

Did you know the Deep Oceans are home to some of the strangest creatures, living under some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth? Discover more on the web site of this exciting exhibition

For more information of t…

Design Awards

CREATION IS AN ONGOING PROCESSIn business as in all life endeavours, maintaining the creative force is a relentless activity in which active participation in an ongoing need. At Giant Inflatables we believe that sharing is a key element in that process. We like to believe that our clients , our suppliers and our staff family all gain a sense of  comfort from the fact that the Giant inflatables team never stop searching  and sharing in order to maintain a level of creative fitnesses that will offer all our stakeholders a dividend.
Last year, as part of that process we got involved with the graduate team at Melbourne University School of Architecture under the baton of Stanilav Roudavski to share our knowledge and ideas about inflatables with his post grad  masters class as they explored the cutting edge topic of Performative Architecture.
" What would happen if architecture could sense and adapt, like trees or corals? What if buildings had personalities with unique reactions and …

Challenge excitement

Creating excitement is a key element in sport entertainment

There is no such thing as original thought... or so the saying goes.
So when a creative team is found that can enhance and develop a unique way to create excitement at a sport event, we can learn from that.

Check this out!

AFL ladder - Inflatable games are on top

Its been a busy inflatable games season with the AFL this year competition  has been hard and fierce and the weather has not helped

But what must be done still gets done and the Inflatable games and inflatable skills development games we produced for the AFL,deliver on our promise no mater how hard the going is.

Inflatable game cube ....score 10

Can you score 10 ?
                                This is how we try to be the best at making inflatables. We do it right!

Inflatables with a message

"Unpopular with other banks"   

Are bankers disliked?

Is it because they are sleeping on the job ?
Is it because they are... over inflated ?

"We are unpopular with other inflatable product suppliers" That is because... we are full of air and not happy unless we can stay inflated
That's because... we offer inflatable advice and share our experiences without any charges
That's because... understanding what's required first,... is more important than our products
That's because we only do it one way ... the right way .. without compromise
And that's because we only have the best clients a business can have
Clients who trust and believe that their inflatable products supplier is the best available
Clients who feel they can sleep at night because their inflatables project is being taken care of.
Clients who feel they have an inflatable  fair deal right throughout the project
So if you are one of those who know what you need and don't care what oth…

It's not a firewall but it's now warm at Fed square

The good old inflatable wall, like a winter scarf is now up. According to users and storekeepers alike " non to soon"
Giant inflatables made this iconic , faceted inflatable wall and won an international recognition award for it. 

Lets get to the point!
This demonstrates how an industrial inflatable idea can have an outstanding architectural appeal. Not only does this unique inflatable wall look great, but it's a wall with a serious job. It keeps the atrium at Federation Square in Melbournes CBD cosy and usable thru the chill of winter. Thanks to Scotty and Mick who once again [for the 6th time] braved the night chill to get it set up and ensure Melbournians stay warm.

Reliable suppliers build trust

nib health funds uses Giant Inflatable footies to promote the company’s sponsorship of the Newcastle Knights.
nib health funds used two Giant Inflatable Rugby League footballs to enhance brand awareness and engage with spectators at Hunter Stadium in March 2012 as part of the company’s sponsorship of the Newcastle Knights. The half-time activity included a race where contestants pushed the Giant Inflatable footballs up and down the field to win a prize. It was a successful promotion that engaged and entertained the crowd and put the nib brand on show.
How the game was run ·The activity saw two contestants and two radio personalities taking part in a race on the field. ·Each team lined up on the southern try line with their giant football. ·Each team rolled a giant football down the field and back again. ·The first team that completed the race was the winner. The balls, manufactured by Giant Inflatables, were heavy duty earth balls with inflate and seal valves. nib continues to choose Giant I…